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AV观看  2.香辛料:八角、花椒、肉豆蔻、孜然、甘草、丁香、小茴等。

  Xuzhou Lujian dehydrated vegetable Co., Ltd. was founded in 1971, specializing in the production of all kinds of dehydrated vegetables. The company is located in the junction of Jiangsu, shandong, Henan and Anhui provinces, agricultural resources are extremely rich. The company covers an area of more than 30 mu, production workshop 10000 square meters, storage capacity of 7000 tons. Since 2005, our company has set up branch plants in Shandong and Xinjiang. Where we produce all kinds of high quality dehydrated vegetables by relying on abundant local agricultural resources. The company has the most advanced production equipments, fully ensuring the processing efficiency and improving the quality of products. Our company has gotten the BRC (A level), ISO / HACCP, KOSHER certification. Products exported to the United States,  European Union, Latin America and Southeast Asia etc.

  Our main products:

  1.Dehydrated vegetables: garlic flake / granule / powder, carrot shoestring / flake / powder, onion kibbled/flake / powder, red bell pepper, green bell pepper , tomato flake, cabbage flake, ginger powder / flake, spinach leaf / powder, beetroot flake/ powder, etc.

  2.Spices: star anise/ Chinese red pepper/ nutmeg/cumin/ liquorice/ Syzygium aromaticum, etc.